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Our passion is in capturing your honest and intimate moments. Blending those special moments with elegantly posed portraits is one of the many traits of our style. We are also known for working hard to quickly and rapidly capture creative portraits. We know we are a important part of your big day, but not the only part of your big day. 

All Swensen brides get a more then generous amount of time with their photographer. Freeing them of any worries of their photographer leaving before the job is done. They will also get every image captured on a copyright free CD in the form of JPEGs. Freeing them of any worries of having to pay extra for additional images that exceed the package amount. As well as giving them the right to print or share images to their liking.

Additional Services

Up Lighting

Up Lighting.

Up Lighting.

Projection screen rentals

Projection Screens rentals

Projection screens rentals

Thank you DVDs

Thank You DVDs.

Thank you DVDs.

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