Bundle & Save

We offer incentives for our customers to hire us for additional services.

Its a great way to save money or get extras thrown in. Not only is it financially sensible or rewarding for the bride and groom, but it also helps provide them, as well as us, with a less stressful wedding day. Improved services & Better finished products How can I save money with improve services and finished products?

Our team of experts work seamlessly well together. We know each others routines by heart, often assist one another at times. This helps our professionals accomplish goals quicker and get more done. Far more efficiently then our competitors. Discounts We do also offer generous discounts for winter weddings and Sunday weddings. We are very willing to work with brides that are planning smaller more personal weddings. Last minute weddings or second time around weddings.

Pricing packages may vary between seasons and scale of the event. See our additional packages that come with discounts when bundled with our services.

Additional Services

Up Lighting

Up Lighting.

Up Lighting.

Projection screen rentals

Projection Screens rentals

Projection screens rentals

Thank you DVDs

Thank You DVDs.

Thank you DVDs.

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